Fullstack Javascript Engineer

How to make free healthcare sustainable?

We automate repetitive processes for healthcare systems. We’re starting with the most famous: the NHS.
  • We love the NHS because it’s accessible to all and free at the point of delivery. It’s a beautiful thing 💙
  • Post-covid the service is under intense pressure, made worse by an ageing population. It will die if the cost of provision isn’t cheaper. The largest cost (£66bn+) is staff.
  • Our staff are spending a crazy amount of time on mundane admin. Literally, 35% of NHS staff are in administrative functions
  • Healthtech-1 automates repetitive processes - liberating staff, improving the patient experience and dramatically reducing the cost of provision. That’s how you make free healthcare sustainable.
  • Our first product launched 20 months ago for 'New Patient Registrations' is now live in over 300 NHS Primary Care Practices.

Come join our team of engineers, operators and clinical experts building the world’s most productive healthcare system!


A dark January afternoon 🌚
A dark January afternoon 🌚
Hiking Yosemite 🏔️
Hiking Yosemite 🏔️

💪 The work you’ll do is deeply important

  • You’ll build the backend systems behind real products that healthcare workers use and love. ‘Use’ meaning we 10x their productivity and ‘love’ meaning our products are a delight to use. At the other end of our products, we’re serving our grandfathers, our brothers, our mothers - this is real impact for people in need.
  • Your role will kick off with mastering our overall product architectures, APIs, RPA suite, shadowing other developers and learning the ropes.
  • You’ll immediately have exposure to our processes and documentation, and learn how we work and who we are.
  • Once you’ve found your feet and know your way around our products, you’ll start to own product development. You’ll lead the team in brainstorm solutions to engineering challenges and help shape our engineering culture with a product focus.
  • You’ll help to refactor and modernise the codebase of our older products
  • You’ll prototype, iterate and release new products and features, working alongside other developers and creatives.
  • Automated testing will be part of your game, and you’ll use your skills in unit, integration and scenario testing to help keep expanding our code coverage.
  • Bugs are bugs, and we’re not immune to them either. You’ll be quality focussed, squashing the critical ones as they arise, assisting the customer success team with troubleshooting where necessary.
  • You’ll lead some of our upcoming projects 🚀:
    • scaling our VM infrastructure nationally 🇬🇧
    • blending national NHS APIs with our own automation APIs
    • solving scalable load-balancing for bots
    • upgrading testing pipelines with scenarios
    • developing a world-class healthcare staff facing portal
    • migrating our codebase from Javascript to Typescript
Raj’s Dad (GP of 35 years) giving the team a lesson on the NHS
Raj’s Dad (GP of 35 years) giving the team a lesson on the NHS

👋 You’re an engineer looking to do your life's best work

  • You have 5+ years of experience working as a backend software engineer. We need engineers who can hit the ground running.
  • You’ve built applications in JavaScript. Our tech stack leans heavily on Javascript on both the backend and frontend, using React.js and Node.js (respectively) with MongoDB as our data store.
  • You’ve scaled web services on cloud. Our backend infrastructure matches the National Healthcare System - Azure.
  • You are comfortable making pragmatic decisions to trading off speed with technical debt.
  • You are comfortable when faced with pressure and uncertainty, both technically and organisationally. You’re happy to tackle problems without a clear definition or solution.
  • You lead by example. You’ll be our 10th team member, part of the founding team. You want to help build a team, not just be part of it. You’re happy to take the time to speak directly to customers, to understand internal and external stakeholders, own your work, provide actionable feedback, and level up those around you.
  • You enjoy working collaboratively and are happy to regularly pair up with colleagues on problems and solve them together.
  • You share your work early, whether it’s a draft of a proposal, or the MVP of a customer facing feature. You’re happy putting something out there when it’s “70% done”.
  • Contrastingly, you’ll also know when something has to be 100% right. In our patient facing context, cutting the wrong corners leads to risk.

Nice if you have:

  • You worked in a start-up. You’ve worked in many code bases, and know how they scale
  • You have a Computer Science degree or experience solving hard technical problems from first principles
  • You have production experience working with RPA, Intelligent Automation or Bots
  • You have experience implementing Typescript into a codebase
  • You care about system security

The mindset you bring is far more important than your familiarity with our tech stack or tools. If your work experience doesn’t match the above don’t let that dissuade you, we will make room for exceptional talent.

Pete & Raj presenting Healthtech-1 at Digital Health Rewired Conference
Pete & Raj presenting Healthtech-1 at Digital Health Rewired Conference

✨You’ll be joining a special bunch of people

We’re assembling a world class team of experienced, product-minded engineers - our early team is made up of people who have spent years writing reliable and scalable software for companies like Monzo, Drover & Barclays.

As an early engineer, this is a unique opportunity to help shape the product, and the way we build it. We’ve laid some good foundations, but we’re still very early in our journey, have a tonne of things we want to build, and a lot to learn along the way!


😌 Loving the doing

⛩ We’re principled. Do your life’s best work, have a co-founders mindset, trust in radical truth and radical transparency, find the fun and provide one less task.

🏎 We move fast. In 22 months: Idea→ MVP → First Paid Practice → Compliance & Security up to scratch → V1 product built → 10/10 Pilot Practices Convert → Founding Engineer Hired → 35 Live Practices → Founding Clinician Hired → 25,000 new patient’s registered → Borough wide contract won → 450k Innovate UK Grant won → 100 LIVE Practices → Backed by Y-combinator.

💪 We love the doing. By doing so we’ve never really working - we’re living to the fullest. Finding joy in creation, friendship in adventure, and meaning in our output.

⚙️ We invest heavily in developer experience. Whether it’s metrics, logging, tracing and error tracking, or development workflow. Everyone uses a M1 Pro Macbook, and you have budget for other equipment should you need it.

Music, oats and lighting = peace.
Music, oats and lighting = peace.

🎊 We’re Javascript fans. JS has helped us evolve and adapt our product to our customers quickly. We’re looking to take this to the next level with type safety and more powerful node services!

✏️ We believe code isn’t everything. We value well written proposals, clear documentation, tests and commit messages and try to be kind to “future us”. We’re also pragmatic - sometimes we need to make tradeoffs here, and we trust each other to use our experience to make them wisely.

💙 We’re all NHS staff. We’re inside-outsiders. Trusted with one of the biggest datasets in the world.

🏥 We work next to our users. Our office is inside a GP practice, and it makes us better at what we do. Got a question? Pop down the corridor. Want to learn how your work affects real user? Pop downstairs. This is our unfair advantage.

🌀 We work in growth cycles. Every 6 weeks we do the same set of activities. 1 week outside of Business-as-Usual to research, strategise, plan our work. 5 weeks to knuckle down and deliver it.

🤝 We’re highly collaborative. One of the benefits of a high trust team is we often work autonomously, but as a team we’re very collaborative by nature. Two heads are often better than one, and we frequently lean on each other to solve problems together.

🤜🏽 We’re backed by industry leaders. We’re on the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator, backed by the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Program, winners of the London Business School, Healthtech Challenge and the prestigious Innovate UK, and Y Combinator

🚀And an opportunity for real upside

  • Salary range between £50k - £90k
  • with life-changing equity as a core team member. We’re bootstrapped, so if you take less cash, you’ll get more equity.

✨ Other Benefits

  • If you’re in the office, lunch is on the house! 🙌🏽
  • At least once a week, we’ll cook and eat dinner together 😁
  • Any equipment to help you do your life’s best work!
  • Annual learning budget 📚
  • All NHS Staff benefits - don’t underestimate this 😂
  • We have doctors in the team! We’ll look after your health 👩‍⚕️
  • Once a year we’ll holiday together! Raj is desperate to teach everyone how to ski! ⛷ (He’s a ski instructor) Else, beach vibes 🏖 or a destination of popular vote 🎟
  • An adventure of a lifetime… ⛵️
  • Holiday: “Take what you need”. Breaks are important for mental resets and spending quality time with the people we love.

🌈 We’re diverse by default

At Healthtech-1, we care about building a product that’s loved and a culture that is rich in perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.

We don’t care about race, religion, colour, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability. It comes naturally to you - the founders are British Chinese and British Indian.

If we’re a match, we’ll do what it takes to make working together a dream.

👵🏽 Grandma’s cooking, served at the office (inside a GP practice)!
👵🏽 Grandma’s cooking, served at the office (inside a GP practice)!

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