Growth Lead

The world’s best healthcare, for free. It's not a new idea, it's called the NHS and we're on a mission to make it the most advanced healthcare provider in the world.

We automate repetitive processes for healthcare systems, because in the NHS there’s a simple equation that isn’t checking out…

Too much work + not enough staff = underserved patients and unhappy staff.

We built a product that fixes that equation, it’s why we’ve grown from 60 to 540 practices live in the space of a year and are now automating 10% of the nation’s registrations!


💪 The work you’ll do is deeply important

🥇 Your primary objective is to grow the number of GP practices that benefit from using Healthtech-1 from 10% to 90%. But how? That’s the question you’re joining us to help solve. We’re doing a good job already, with 20% month on month growth. Fingers crossed:

  • You have a deep empathy with stressed out users, actively seeking opportunities to understand their pain points and how we can support them
  • You understand the NHS market, the influences and restrictions and how to navigate that and create and deliver a solid growth strategy
  • Being the leader, you’ll be asked to get stuck in with demos, relationship building across the spectrum from individual practices through to ICBs and even NHS England
  • Be an eagle on data and metrics - ensure we’ve designed our infrastructure in a way that means we can use our data to deliver better in growth
  • You’re a people person through and through; with a touch of charm.
  • You can imagine yourself caring for NHS staff from the very marrow of your bones.
  • You’re a f*cking fantastic communicator. Good with a pen and the spoken word!
  • You can be analytical, and manage a spreadsheet.
  • You’re creative, playful and love seeing your ideas manifest!

👋 You’re looking to do your life’s best work

  • About half your time will be spent strategising and directing how to outreach to ICBs, Federations, super groups and individual practices to engage them and book a demo (lead gen), whilst the other half of your time will be talking to potential customers and stakeholders, encouraging them to sign up (growth calls).
  • You’ll also have time, and will be expected, to experiment and innovate the existing processes according to metrics - always working to find the optimised approach, and once discovered how to capitalise on this knowledge.
  • Your remaining time will be spent building relationships with senior stakeholders in larger healthcare organisations - that’s ICBs, federations and super practices.
  • Directing and leading the wider team, collaborating on work to ensure it’s executed to optimise outcomes.

💙 A bit about us

💙 We’re all NHS staff. We’re inside-outsiders. Trusted with one of the biggest datasets in the world.

🏥 We work next to our users. Our office is inside a GP practice, and it makes us better at what we do. Got a question? Pop down the corridor. Want to learn how your work affects real user? Pop downstairs. This is our unfair advantage.

🌀 We work in growth cycles. Every 6 weeks we do the same set of activities. 1 week outside of Business-as-Usual to research, strategise, plan our work. 5 weeks to knuckle down and deliver it.

🤝 We’re highly collaborative. One of the benefits of a high trust team is we often work autonomously, but as a team we’re very collaborative by nature. Two heads are often better than one, and we frequently lean on each other to solve problems together.


😌 Loving the doing

We’re principled. These principles aren’t just words; they underpin our interactions with each other and our customers, guiding our actions every step of the way. Read more here.

🤩 Do our life's best work

💚 We are owners

🎉 Find the fun

☝️ One less task for NHS staff

🧘🏾 Trust in radical truth and radical transparency

🚀 And an opportunity for a real upside

💵 Salary range £50,000-£100,000 & generous equity allocation

🏖️ Take as much holiday as you need, we trust you to manage your objectives

🍽️ Lunch is on the house in the office, ensuring you're fuelled for success!

💻 Access any necessary tech or equipment to optimise your performance.

📚 Benefit from an annual learning budget.

👩‍⚕️ A comprehensive health and wellbeing offering.

🎿 Join us for an annual team holiday to destinations like the French Alps, etc

❤️ Take pride in knowing your work directly impacts the health of people nationwide, including your loved ones.


🌈 Inclusive and diverse by design

At Healthtech-1, we care about building a product that’s loved and a culture that is rich in perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.

Our founders are British Indian and British Chinese, and our team of 15 employees represents nine different cultures. We come together every lunch time for a home cooked meal, rotated among team members that happily volunteer. We want everyone in our team to know that they belong. We are purposeful about this and are proactively building a company that is inclusive of all people; from  race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, class, gender identity, age, neurodiversity, disability, colour, and national origin - essentially every type of diversity.  We don’t just want people who fit in, we want them to fit together.


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