Product Manager

The world’s best healthcare, for free. It's not a new idea, it's called the NHS and we're on a mission to make it the most advanced healthcare provider in the world. We automate repetitive processes for healthcare systems. We’re starting with the most famous: the NHS.

🧬 The product is in our DNA

  • The experience of registering at GP practice is a decade behind other industries. It takes 15 minutes to sign up and get something delivered to your front door, so why does it take weeks to get a new patient registered? Not good enough. Our first product is on a path to changing that. We’re building an incredible intake experience for GP practices.
  • We’ve had great early success. We have a nifty web form and an automation to go with it. 95% of all registrations are automated, we’ve now done over 400,000 registrations, patients and practices have a great experience and 1 in 10 registrations are now completed by us.
  • That’s just the first step. We’re going to make this a world class experience. At the point of registration, let’s scan the medical record, figure out the patient’s health needs, and immediately help them. “Looks like it’s been a year since your asthma review, let’s get you booked in.” Isn’t that what our loved ones deserve?
  • Check out what our practices say! https://www.healthtech1.uk/love

💪 The work you’ll do is deeply important

  • At the very core: make the registration experience at a GP practice incredible
  • Own the whole life cycle of product development, from concept to launch to iteration
  • Own the product vision, strategy and roadmap for incredible intake
  • Syncing with cofounders and team leads to understand problems and priorities, deliver relevant updates
  • Work with engineers to deliver features
  • Support other product teams to accelerate their initiatives (lab report filing, and our next task when we pick it)

👋 You’re looking to do your life’s best work

  • Truth seeker — You deepen your understanding of the NHS, on the patient and practice side.
  • Improver — You are a driving force for continually improving our product and processes.
  • Proactive team player — You do what it takes to help your team mates succeed.
  • Great communicator — Ability to communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively.
  • Organised — Run design workshops, review meetings, product rituals.
  • Strategiser — Design and deliver a plan towards creating an industry leading product.
  • Implementer — Your bias to action progresses things.
  • Technical — You understand engineering concepts and can crunch data

💙 A bit about us

💙 We’re all NHS staff. We’re inside-outsiders. Trusted with one of the biggest datasets in the world. 🏥 How We Treat Our Team Our office is inside a GP practice, and it makes us better at what we do. Got a question? Pop down the corridor. Want to learn how your work affects real user? Pop downstairs. This is our unfair advantage. 🌀 We work in growth cycles. Every 6 weeks we do the same set of activities. 1 week outside of Business-as-Usual to research, strategise, plan our work. 5 weeks to knuckle down and deliver it. 🤝 We’re highly collaborative. One of the benefits of a high trust team is we often work autonomously, but as a team we’re very collaborative by nature. Two heads are often better than one, and we frequently lean on each other to solve problems together. 🤜🏽 We’re backed by industry leaders. We’re on the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator, backed by the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Program, winners of the London Business School, Healthtech Challenge and the prestigious Innovate UK, and Y Combinator

😌 Loving the doing

We’re principled. These principles aren’t just words; they underpin our interactions with each other and our customers, guiding our actions every step of the way. Read more here.

🤩 Do our life's best work

💚 We are owners

🎉 Find the fun

☝️ One less task for NHS staff

🧘🏾 Trust in radical truth and radical transparency

🚀 And an opportunity for a real upside

💵 Competitive salary & generous equity allocation

🏖️ Take as much holiday as you need, we trust you to manage your objectives

🍽️ Lunch is on the house in the office, ensuring you're fuelled for success!

💻 Access any necessary tech or equipment to optimise your performance.

📚 Benefit from an annual learning budget.

👩‍⚕️ A comprehensive health and wellbeing offering.

🎿 Join us for an annual team holiday to destinations like the French Alps, etc

❤️ Take pride in knowing your work directly impacts the health of people nationwide, including your loved ones.


🌈 Inclusive and diverse by design

At Healthtech-1, we care about building a product that’s loved and a culture that is rich in perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.

Our founders are British Indian and British Chinese, and our team of 15 employees represents nine different cultures. We celebrate this diversity by rotating cultural lunches, we want everyone in our team to know that they belong. We are purposeful about inclusion and are proactively building a company that is inclusive of all diversity; from race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, neurodiversity, disability, colour, and national origin - essentially every type of diversity.  We don’t just want people who fit in, we want them to fit together.


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