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💙 Healthtech-1 is on a mission to help the NHS become the most advanced healthcare provider in the world.

📚 Founded in 2021 by co-founders and school friends Pete Huang and Raj Kohli, the team of 14 are based out of a GP practice in East London and design solutions based on their own experiences of working in general practice.

⚡ The company’s flagship product, Automated Registrations, is used by more than 620 practices from Durham to Devon with over 500,000 registrations automated to date. Our newest product, Automated Lab Reports, is already saving countless hours of doctor time for practices across the country.

🚀 Healthtech-1 is backed by Innovate UK and Y Combinator, and is a selected supplier of automation for the NHS England Register with a GP service.


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Our team is organised into three functions: Engineering, Growth, and Operations.

You can find the latest information about the Healthtech-1 team here: https://www.healthtech1.uk/about

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Half a million registrations automated.

A note on how we talk about ourselves We’re Healthtech-1. Not ‘Healthtech’, ‘HealthTech-1’ or ‘Healthtech1’. At Healthtech-1, we serve practices and NHS staff. Not customers or clients. And we don’t sell, we grow. We prefer to talk about you or us, rather than in terms of ‘I’, ‘Me’ or ‘Mine’. Our products are Automated Registrations and Automated Lab Reports. And, if we have to get specific, we talk about ‘the automation’, rather than technical phrases like robotic process automation or RPA. We talk in plain language and love the use of emoji to help explain what we say. Our mission is to help the NHS become the most advanced healthcare provider in the world.