2022 - GC1 “Automation Baby”

 Executive  SummaryExecutive~~Summary 👔

I know, how could 6 weeks have gone by already? This is instalment #3 of the healthtech 1 headline. We hope by sharing our wins and losses with you as they happen - the gloss and the grit -, we can bring you a unique and honest insight into the incredible company we're building.

We’re the startup automating away admin tasks in Primary Care. The first task we’ve automated is patient registrations 😏. 6 weeks ago I emailed to let you know that after completing a successful pilot we’d acquired our first paying customer. In reality, this “automation” was a simulation. Behind the scenes Pete and I were manually copying data into the clinical system. No longer 🕺

Running from 4th January - 11th Feb, Growth Cycle 1 of 2022, named 'Automation Baby 🤖 ' focused on birthing our first automated task! 

GlossGloss ✨ 


  1. 🤖  Automated the happy patient registration flow that makes up 60% of registrations - This means if you’re an adult with an NHS number, we can register you without lifting a finger. That’s potentially a national first 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. 📡  Updated our APIs so they’re tightly integrated with our bot. That means putting all the heavy calculations on the cloud, and giving the bot what it needs, when it needs it, to increase the efficiency of registration.
  3. 🧠  We’ve added intelligent emails and texts! This means that patients now get the right message at the right time. Think of the complex marketing funnels that we are often pushed down as consumers. “Welcome to the practice! You haven’t done the medical survey yet, please do it when you get the chance, it’ll really help us understand your health”. This lays the foundations for providing automated referrals to community services.
  4. 🧱 Setup the foundations for automated tests and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) improvements . This is for developer productivity. As our product gets more complex this helps us ship features with less errors.
  5. 📊 Built a data pipeline so we can generate automatic reports and invoices for our incoming practices


  1.  ⭐️ We’ve developed a North Star Metric for Healthtech 1 - Monthly Liberated Hours - This is the 1 metric that we’ll obsess over. It’s calculated by multiplying the number of tasks we automate each month, by the length of each task. In January we registered 600 patients. At 15 minutes per patient, that’s ~152 hours of work we’ve saved GP practices. That’s the equivalent of adding 1 full time staff to the NHS. We’ve set our sights on 100 FTE by December 2022.
  2. 👨🏽‍⚕️ Raj becomes an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur - Impressing a panel member in his NHS Innovation Accelerator interview (result TBC), Raj was invited to interview for the prestigious Clinical Entrepreneur Program. In securing a place, we’ve got another shortcut to customers and talent.
  3. 🏅 We’ve been shortlisted for Rewired 2022 Pitchfest - The conference is attended by the nations most innovative GP Practices, Integrated Care System Leads (our future customers), senior NHS officials and potential hires. We’ll be competing to pitch LIVE on stage on the 15th-16th March. Drop me a email if you’re attending! We’ll make time to say hello 👋🏽
  4. 📞 We’ve received our 1st inbound lead from our Rewired 2022 shortlisting - Think about this GP’s journey. Rewired Email → Healthtech 1 Website → Called Raj directly → Demo booked ✅ .
  5. 🐝  DigitalHealth.London Accelerator have matched us with an incredible NHS navigator - Bret Hatfield. A project manager with six years of frontline clinical experience, Bret will be on hand to help us grow 📈


Thank you to those of you who answered the call for investment advice in headline #2 🙌🏽. Here’s one of my favourite snippets:

“Fundraising is a mini game. You get points for completing it fast and for giving away as little of your company as possible. Figure out how much you need to survive for 18 months. Get it in the bank fast then get back to work” 🔥 Naz, a YC founder revolutionising HR & Payroll.

Thinking that there is a lot more work we can do now without the distraction of investment we’re holding of discussions until next Growth Cycle → #3.

 GritGrit 😫

Stealth is comfortable. To date, we’ve largely operated in private, steering clear of competition. It’s been comfortable. Making the Rewired 2022 Shortlist, thrust us into the light and at first it felt like over exposure. Why divulge your secret sauce at a conference sponsored by our potential competitors? We felt the urge to crawl back beneath the covers. I messaged Jenny (Programme Director of DigitalHealth.London)

”Essentially wondering if we’re too early to be pitching at this event? I think it’s over exposure that has us worried, rather than winning 😝  Seeing lots of competitors on the invite list and feeling like we don’t want to attract too much of the wrong attention (if that makes sense)! A lot of our OKRs are geared to gaining defensibility, by growing our customer base, embedding our products, and acquiring APIs. Our only real defensibility right now, is our deep relationships within primary care!”

Jenny replied:

”Don't underestimate the power of your deep relationship with Primary Care!”

Through further council we realised that the race is already on - we’d be fooling ourselves if we thought otherwise. Divulging all this to my grandparents over a hot meal, my grandfather summarised the resolution uncharacteristically with a quote from Shakespeare “time and tide waits for no man”.

Naturally, this will be the name of Growth Cycle #2 “Time and tide and waits for no man” 🌊  Time to speed up, to be more vocal and to be competitive.


1Our development needs are growing and we’re looking for a London based developer to join our founding team. Do you know anyone who might be a good fit?

Last update: 🐟2021 - GC8 “£2 Reg, very very good!”