2021 - GC8 “£2 Reg, very very good!”

2021 - GC8 “£2 Reg, very very good!”

 Executive  SummaryExecutive~~Summary 👔

Here we go again, instalment #2 of the healtech-1 headline! We’re the company on a mission to automate away admin tasks in Primary Care. The first task up for the chop is Patient Registrations 🔪 A quick reminder of the purpose of this email - this is a special update for the people we believe share our mission, value our radical transparency and respect the hustle needed to transform how health is delivered in this country. We hope by sharing our wins and losses with you as they happen - the gloss and the grit -, we can bring you a unique and honest insight into the incredible company we're building. Why radical transparency? Because we want supporters who don’t need the wool pulled over their eyes! People who get that company building is hard and messy. Now, if our last update was glossy, this one is certainly gritty!

Running from 15th November - 24th December Growth Cycle 8, named '£2 Reg, very very good!' focused on acquiring our first paying customer! After setting some over ambitious goals we achieved a 46% OKR score across the board. Amongst our top achievements are:

GlossGloss ✨ 


  1. 💸  First paying customer acquired at £2 per patient registration (£3 with medical forms) - Contracted from the 3rd January, our 8-week free pilot rolled over into a on-going paid service agreement. This is the validation the YC team wanted to see, and we’re glad they pushed us.
  2. 🚀 We were accepted onto the prestigious DigitalHealth.London Accelerator - this is a shortcut to more customers
  3. 🎉 Completed a successful pilot with a 100 NPS score - here are some quotes extracted from our recorded post pilot interviews 😍
"You’ve taken a massive problem for me and made it negligible in 6 weeks. My expectations have been surpassed - the consistency in the registration process has been great, we've had fewer rejections and there's been less time involved." - Sadru Kheraj, GP Partner
"I was very skeptical at the beginning given the tedious details in the registration process, but was very positively surprised. You guys automate the registration process from start to finish, saving manpower and money as you release staff to do other tasks. We've never turned registrations round so quickly and it's great for patients who can now access our services quicker.” - Angelika Slon, Practice Manager
"So many companies give false promises on what they can deliver, but you've really followed through and it'd be foolish for practices not to use the service. I was blown away by how easy it was to get set up, and the product is great - it’s given so much time in my week back and has streamlined so much.” - Robin Knight, Registrations Clerk
  1. 5️⃣ Rolled our product out across 5 GP practices - our registration service ‘Sanny’ is now serving a patient population of 53,000 🤯
  2. 🕸  Built and launched our v1 website! Check it out. Click on the ‘innovation hub’ tab to see the knowledge leading Patient Triage work we’ve completed in partnership with accuRx


  1. 🛠 Built and released 5 major user requested features - specialised child forms to collect safeguarding information, document uploads to collect immunisation history, patient signals to flag high risk patients, catchment area checks to correctly register patients and automated practice emails to inform the practice of each new registration! Pete’s done some incredible work here!
  2. 🩺 62% medical form completion rate - among patients registering via Sanny. This is without any behavioural nudges and proves that the registration point is a magic moment where patients are willing to give us their information!
  3. 📆 2+ consecutive days of service stability - that’s the product needing zero input from any developer!
  4. 🤖 Keystroke map registrations Sanny happy flow - taking us one step closer to service automation!


  1. 💸 Kicked off exploratory investor conversations - we presented our WIP fundraising deck, receiving great feedback. We’ll be a sharing a v1 deck next cycle.

 GritGrit 😫

TEAM 👨‍👩‍👧

  1. 🦠  Pete, Raj and then Holly get Covid-19. Thankfully we’ve all made a recovery!
  2. 🥲 We’re saying goodbye to our first ever hire and A-class talent after offering Holly a pre-mature equity offer in healthtech-1 Say what? There’s a deeper story here! But the short summary goes like this: Holly joined Pete and I, 6 months into founding our growth agency, twenty--twenty. It was a dream job for her, but 6 months later, we made a huge pivot into healthcare! Whilst this was ikigai for Pete and I, this wasn’t true for the whole team, or Holly. One of our core principles is to “have a co-founder mindset”. Holly had this, and whilst it was Holly, Raj and Pete against the world, healthtech1healthtech^1’s industry, company stage and team makeup mattered little. After a poorly communicated equity conversation, which left Holly feeling undervalued, the little things suddenly mattered and Holly’s resignation soon followed. Pete and I were initially shocked (I definitely cried 🙋🏽‍♂️). How could we go from equity to resignation so quickly? Through a few breakthrough conversations we learnt how, and got to the grit. There are countless lessons to be learned here on communication, incentive design, cultural values and management. We’ll deliver a synthesised piece on our learnings later. The summary is, that head deep in the work, we neglected to put thought and care in aligning our compensation expectations or paint a clear future for her within our company. Quick to self-criticise I personally took this a little to heart 😔. As Holly’s sherpa (manager), I should have known how the compensation conversation would have been received. I should have been more switched onto her needs. Either way, we learnt the lesson the hard way. So how did we respond? Following our principle of “radical truth and radical transparency” between Holly, Pete and I we wrote 12,000 words of feedback as parting gifts for each other. We even went so far as to dissect our company, by people, process, products and principles to get our first insight into how we can evolve. To tie the bow, Holly’s written a letter to future employees, here’s a segment:
    1. ✍🏻
      “Another startup principle applied at Ht1 is that of ‘radical transparency’ 🔎. At face value, it feels generic, like a line in a company playbook that has minimal influence on the day-to-day order of play. But, when it comes to Ht1, this couldn’t be further from the truth. At Ht1, honesty and authenticity is integral to every element of your work, such that it stood out as one of the most discernible differences from any other organisation I’ve worked in.

      Raj and Pete both approach their working relationships and their personal relationships with equal openness and vulnerability. They’ll tell you how they really feel, will admit when they’re wrong and will speak loud and clear about any concerns they hold; the expectation is that you will do the same. Raj and Pete believe this paves a path for amplified trust, resolve and collective growth 📈.

      Opening up is often a leap of faith, and it’s only effective and encouraged if it’s respected, bi-lateral and used as a basis of progression. Take the origins of this piece for example; when I first handed in my notice at twenty--twenty Raj and Pete were shocked, frustrated and saddened 😧. It was only when I broke down my every reasoning and proved my rationale that Raj and Pete were able to accept my decision and foremost, learn from it. Albeit uncomfortable, the transparent conversations and depth in feedback formed the basis of progression and laid the foundations for a brighter future for all 🧱. “

      In this last cycle of our second year working together, Pete and I have personally grown a tremendous amount. Looking at 2022 we’ve never been closer, or more aligned about what we want to create in the world. It goes without saying that we’re incredibly excited to put our learnings into practice. We’ve got this fire in our hearts - we’re hungrier than ever to become the leaders we know we can be.

      QUESTONS ❓

    2. We’re starting to think about fundraising strategy. Do we do a quick round with angels to get the smartest money, or a larger rounder with VCs so we can hunker down for longer? We’d love some advice here.
    3. We’d love some advice on hiring our first developer. In an ideal world, they’ll balance the old technologies of our NHS with Healthtech 1’s new stack; and have a working understanding of RPAs. A doctor who can code?

SpotlightSpotlight 🔦

 ProductProduct 🤖

👶  Child forms. With a load of patient and practice feedback on our crude first pass of child forms, we realised that there were gaps, but... also an opportunity to develop something even better. It just needed a revamp of the user flow and a few backend changes. But we don’t cut corners! So this task increased in size, we spent an additional week and a half on it and it led to the creation of something we’re really proud of.


🗺️  Catchment area check. This was a sensible and highly requested feature by our pilot site so we built it. The ability to check whether a postcode falls within a boundary is available on our api for all Healthtech1Healthtech^1 applications to use. Note, a practice doesn’t need to have a catchment area to work with us.

🔮  Signals v1. This is the beginning of our journey in supporting clinical decisions. During our time in practice we’ve learnt of the simple rules and actions that take place when a registration form happens. We do the heavy lifting and offer refined “Signals” that can enable follow-on action. We’ve made 23 signals categorised as: admin, demographic, medical and patient requests.

	"needs a translator (German)",
	"has an overweight BMI (28.7)",
	"doesn't exercise",
	"due for smear"

📄  Upload documents. While developing child forms, we learnt that the baby immunisation pages of a Baby Red Book are a critical to care. We scoped out this feature and expanded it into upload docs as this would also help with the proof of address and ID checks.


📊 Practice reports. We aspired for a top of class analytics stack, where a near real-time copy of our operational database would be made just for analytics. PowerBI would sit on top to enable great work. After a lot of attempts and learning, our DB (mongo) is just not compatible with the direct integrations that Azure provides. Instead one would have invest time into making a custom solution. Instead we build a CSV exporter in our retool app, which is then re-imported to power BI. See . Given our constraints, this is the right amount of investment for speed and value 🙌

GrowthGrowth 🌱

Our first pilot with Herne Hill Group Practice (HHGP) came to a close and over the first 6 weeks we’ve processed 183 patient registrations

83% of all registrations (excluding weekends) were processed within 24 hours, however this figure is distorted by 18 registrations that were caught by a bug in our command centre. Where we remove those registrations from our calculations, our average processing time more than halves from 31.2 hours to 11.6 hours (excluding weekends).

Here are some summary stats from our registration form:

  • 4.7/5 average satisfaction rating from all patients
  • 38 different ethnicities
  • 57% female and 43% male
  • 67% of registrations were because the patient moved to the region
  • 70% provided their NHS number at point of registration
  • 90% confirmed their religion
  • 98% of people aged 16+ provided their sexual orientation

And from our medical form:

  • 75% of patients provided additional medical data
  • 57% completed the entire medical form
99.99% patient registration form uptime
99.99% patient registration form uptime
Registration transaction response time
Within 24 hours (excluding weekends)
83% within 24 hours (excluding weekends)
0 errors per registration
0 errors per registration
Staff task automation
0 mins spent registering
0 mins spent registering
Registration rejections
0 patient registrations rejected (unless beyond boundary)
1 known patient registration rejected (error in boundary check)
We secured a 100 NPS score from 3 different staff members at HHGP!


We’ve had 3 very positive investor conversations. We still need to do some strategic planning around our 2022 objectives and to make some final amendments to our investor deck, but we’ve made some solid progress this Growth Cycle in mapping out our narrative and look forward to pushing this over the line in January 🏁

A sneak peak into our V1 investor deck (double click) ➡️

Know any early stage healthtech investors? We'd love an email intro 📧  raj@healthtech1.uk

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