2022 - GC2 “Time and tide wait for no man”

Raj & Pete here from Healthtech-1, we’re the startup automating admin tasks in Primary care.

The last time I wrote to you, we decided to stop hiding. I typed “it’s time to speed up, be more vocal and get competitive”.

This cycle, I write to inform you it was worth it.

Growth Cycle 2, entitled “Time and tide wait for no man 🌊 ” covered the 6 weeks between Monday 14th February & Friday 25th March. There were a few achievements to be proud of:



  1. ✌️Doubled the number of LIVE practices using our Patient Registrations product in 6 weeks -That’s 10 practices, covering over 100,000 patients. We’ll be pausing here ensure our product and process are ready for the next phase of scale (50 practices)
  2. image
  3. ⭐️ We’ve liberated 215 Hours of NHS staff time in March - that’s like adding 1.4 FTE to the NHS
  4. 🥉 Placed top 5 at Digital Health Rewired’s Pitchfest - Top 5 of 150 startups, not bad for 8 months in the game
  5. 🗞We were featured in the Guardian 🤯 - a strong signal that we're aligned to where healthcare in this country is moving. Also a super proud moment for both our families! “Mum we’re in the papers!”
  6. 👋🏽Refined our onboarding process down to 2 hours of practice time - “Honestly Raj, I’m so surprised by how quick this all was, when we switched on our online consult provider it took weeks!” - Dawn, Practice Manager, Wide Way Medical Practice


This cycle we improved our foundations in preparation for the next phase of scale (50 practices)

  1. 🤖We can now automatically process ~80% of registrations types! Registrations are complex, and often processed differently according to the GP practice. It’s one reasons why no-one has done this before! So proud to say we now automatically process Newborn, Child registrations, Patients without an NHS number and Previously Registered Patients. We're offering a diamond registration service, 💎collecting and coding on average 99 data points on each patient
  2. 🧺Processing registrations in batches - instead of manually triggering each automation, we can now trigger a batch of registrations at each practice
  3. 🚨Introduced Error Handling - If we’re going to process 190,000 transactions per month, we’re going to need enterprise grade error logging procedures. We’ve built our error handling foundations
  4. 📊 Pete built a custom events pipeline - tracking actions done by the patient, our api’s and the bot. Meaning we can now automatically produce graphs and dashboards like the one above 👆
  5. 🤝Built a process for passing over complex registrations - our objective isn’t to complete every registration. We’ve built a procedure to flag complex patients to practice. This will reduce our operations costs dramatically

Enough of the hype give me the juice 🧃👀


  1. Sally got upset and it broke my heart 💔- Sally (not her real name) is a 54 year old (not her real age) registration clerk at one of our pilot sites, and she just loves doing registrations! Spotting where patients make mistakes on their registration form, searching for the patient’s previous GP, and adjusting their pharmacy nominations, made Sally feel like a detective 🕵🏻 Automating away the majority of this work was upsetting “Raj, all I’ll have left to do is Subject Access Requests!” This was the first time we’ve encountered resistance from a Registration Clerk, and it hurt. We’re in this game to liberate admin-staff from repetitive tasks, they’re the hero of our story. Sally didn’t want liberation. We’ve learnt that our job isn’t just to automate away mundane tasks, but to inspire staff with what’s possible beyond administration.
  2. 👏 NHS Digital’s Registration Form is progressing faster than we expected - A little bird gave us an insight into the progress of a national project to improve registrations. Looks like NHS Digital are digitising the GMS1 form, which will be inputted into the clinical system as a document. This is so far from the fully automated service we provide, but we expect a national rollout to reduce the price point of our first task. This drives the urgency up for us to automate our next task. We’ve got a few ideas brewing ☕️
  3. ⏭Didn’t get into the NHS Innovation Accelerator - Feedback was to get more traction and apply next year 👍🏽Full feedback attached below, but here’s a snippet - “Really liked this candidate and think he is personally a perfect fit for the NIA - just too early. I think he would benefit from moving his product along to even small scale purchase and evidence generation before the NIA programme and would therefore recommend he focusses on this for the next 9 months and then re-applies. Happy to support him (KSS AHSN) where we can.” Tbh, 2 accelerators is more than enough right now 😂 Our attitude is - Gotta leave something for next year 😉


Coming out of stealth we’ve had opportunity after opportunity thrown our way! We’re getting strong signals from our customer base...and we can’t keep up! We don’t have enough hands between Pete and I to catch all the opportunities falling from the healthtech tree 🍎! Accordingly, this cycle will have a recruitment theme. To pay for the world class talent we’ll be bringing onboard we’ll be seriously considering fundraising options 📈


Same question as before - we’re looking for a senior developer with great talent 🎷, heart ❤️ and ambition 🔮. Please do introduce me to anyone that comes to mind!

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